Climate and Church

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program (now Creation Justice Ministries) put out a resource focusing on climate change and church ministries.  Entitled Climate and Church: How Global Climate Change Will Impact Core Church Ministries, the resource looks at... read more »

Posted on October 07, 2015

Sustainable Food in a Changing Climate

The 2015 Earth Day Sunday resource from Creation Justice Ministries (an ecumenical organization of which Church and Society is a member) is titled Have You Anything Here to Eat? Sustainable Food in a Changing Climate.  The resource takes a look at how the... read more »

Posted on October 07, 2015

‘Teaching Sacred Worth’ with Eloise Greenfield

Eloise Greenfield, prolific and award-winning children’s book author, was at the United Methodist Building July 17 for a conversation with Ethnic Minority Young Adult Summer Interns, who were working in social-justice placements in the U.S. capital, and a webinar, “Children’s Books: Teaching Sacred Worth.” ... read more »

Posted on July 25, 2015

‘Hate Hurts, Peace Heals’

To download an invitation suitable for inclusion in worship bulletins to share among your friends, congregation, and other networks, go to “Hate Hurts, Peace Heals.” Turn Peace with Justice Sunday into a month of peace Children... read more »

The Season for Change

The Season for Change: An Advent Study on HIV/AIDS and Social Justice Advocacy This Advent Bible Study is intended to give churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, intentional faith communities, college ministry programs, etc. the opportunity to learn about the HIV epidemic and how it affects and... read more »

Posted on September 11, 2014

Kingdom Dreams, Violent Realities

  Reflections on gun violence from Micah 4:1-4 A 3-session Bible study by Bill Mefford, Director of Civil & Human Rights at the General Board of Church & Society of The United Methodist Church.

How to Invite Your Member of Congress to Your Event

Here are some simple guidelines to remember to increase your chances of gaining participation: Call your Members’ office. Look up the number of their Washington office at The purpose of this call is not to invite the Member, but rather to determine the proper protocol for... read more »

60 Minutes Story on Homeless Youth

For some children, socializing and learning are being cruelly complicated by homelessness, as Scott Pelley reports from Florida, where school buses now stop at motels for children who've lost their homes. Watch Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids

Posted on July 10, 2013

The Invisible War — A Companion Guide

Recent cases of military sexual assault have drawn attention to this shameful situation. The Pentagon recently reported that the estimated number of military personnel victimized by sexual assault and related offenses has increased by 35% over the last two years alone. The faith community must do our part to protect the... read more »

Body of War

(2007 – 87 minutes – not rated)
Tomas Young left for Iraq a gung-ho soldier. He returned home paralyzed, struggling to deal with his physical limitations and his changing feelings about the war. This eye-opening documentary looks at the raging debate over the war in Iraq through the eyes of this... read more »

Posted on May 01, 2013

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