The Status of Women (#3444, 2012 BOR)

2012 General Conference

I. Christianity was born in a world of male preference and dominance. Practices, traditions, and attitudes in almost all societies viewed women as inferior to men, as having few talents and contributions to make to the general well-being of society aside from their biological roles. This was true of the... read more»

Right to Privacy (#5083 2012 BOR)

2012 General Conference

Theological Statement The Christian faith stresses the dignity of and respect for human personality and the need to protect its privacy. Our human right to privacy has an importance in this age of electronic communication and information data bases that it did not have in the days when our scriptures... read more»

Repentance for Support of Eugenics

#3184 Book of Resolutions, 2012 General Conference

Eugenics, the belief that certain “genetic” traits are good and others bad, is associated in the public mind mostly with the extreme eugenics policies of Adolf Hitler, which ultimately led to the Holocaust. The study of eugenics did not begin with Hitler or his German scientists, but rather... read more»

2046. Sexual Ethics as Integral Part of Formation for Ministerial Leadership

Background: A 2005 survey conducted by the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (henceforth, GCSRW), “Sexual Harassment in The United Methodist Church,” found a high number of incidents of sexual harassment in local churches and seminary settings (Gail Murphy-Geiss, “Sexual Harassment in The United Methodist Church,” Chicago: General... read more»

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