On health care as a basic human right.

“Tragically, we find again and again that health care succumbs to political gamesmanship rather than legislating for the common good – and health – of all people.”

On meeting with her Senator’s office

“I realized that meeting was what meetings on the Hill were supposed to be like.”

On the benefits of the Medicaid program

“My experience as a young person profoundly affected how I thought of our country and what it is capable of doing.”

On having attended the Young Clergy Forum

“I feel prepared to take the next steps towards genuine peace and justice where I serve.”

On Standing Rock

“For United Methodists, this moment allowed us to take another step in our journey of repentance and healing with native communities.”

On acts of hate and violence in the United States

“For United Methodists, we are called to not only hear the fears and see the wounds, but to take action against fear and hate.”

On the Church’s solidarity with the Lumad

“We need a Church who will take the side of the poor who have been wronged by the system that benefits only the elitist rich and powerful.”

On International Day of the Girl Child

“Every girl has the right to live in a non-violent environment, protected from physical, economic, spiritual and psychological abuse.”

On the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Cuture

“It is appropriate that the Museum stands in the nation's capital alongside national monuments, which often depict persons or experiences of American's pride.”

On the rights of migrants

“When migrants’ human dignity is desecrated, and their human rights are violated, we must stand up for their protection and well-being.”

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