The early work of the Methodist men and women who recognized that alcoholism was destructive to people and seized the critical issue of alcohol prevention during the early part of the twentieth century paved the way for the current public policy work on alcohol.

Do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but be filled with the Spirit.
(Ephesians 5, NRSV)

Alcoholism is a disease that creates brokenness. Significant progress has been made in the field of prevention and recovery, yet even now the public policy work lags far behind in making positive steps to curb addiction. This is the result of a well-funded alcohol industry that lobbies the U.S. Congress and other governmental bodies to ensure that their product is subject to as little oversight as possible. A distressing result has been that underage and binge drinking are significant problems because the alcohol industry has been so successful in its advertising and marketing campaigns.


Experience, Equip, Engage

  1. Support alcohol regulations, federal campaigns against underage drinking, and better labeling on alcoholic beverages.
  2. Make a commitment to value health for others and for yourself equally.
  3. Urge your member of Congress to uphold and restrict access to alcohol to underage youths.