Peace With Justice Sunday is Right Around the Corner!

Every United Methodist Church has the opportuinty each June to lift up the work of justice and peace in their communities and around the world. In part because of the Peace With Justice Sunday offering, The United Methodist Church is able to seek justice and pursue peace in a variety of contexts. You can donate in your local church on June 11, 2017 or online here.

The General Board of Church and Society advocates for peace in regions like the Korean peninsula, Israel and Palestine, Nigeria, and many others. Your local churches can connect to these efforts through your Peace With Justice Coordinator. The Peace With Justice offering allows for grants to go out across the connection to increase United Methodist engagement in these and other justice and peace efforts.

Your offering helps create or expand ministries like:

You can read other stories about how the Peace With Justice offering impacts ministries, organizations and communities around the world here.

For more information, please contact your Conference Peace With Justice Coordinator or Mark Harrison at

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