‘Interrupting Indifference: Jesus, Justice & Joy’

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CHICAGO — More than 200 women from across the country will explore faith-based responses to critical justice issues during United Methodist Women’s National Seminar at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Wednesday to Sunday, July 29-Aug. 2.

“Interrupting Indifference: Jesus, Justice & Joy” is theme of the quadrennial social-justice training event for United Methodist Women (UMW) members. Some sessions will be open to the public, however.

National Seminar is an opportunity for United Methodist Women to explore God's actions in the current moment in the world and to talk about how to respond. UMW representatives attend this quadrennial event and report back to their respective conferences. Resources are created and strategies developed that help shape UMW’s mission for the next four years.

The more than 200 persons expected to attend the gathering will reflect UMW’s rich diversity of race, ethnicity, age and geographic makeup. They will celebrate the work God is accomplishing through the witness of United Methodist Women in ministries of justice, service and advocacy, through four issue areas:

The 2015 National Seminar will focus on faith and:

  • Climate change and environmental justice
  • Criminalization and racial justice
  • Gender, wealth inequality and economic justice
  • Maternal and child health

National Seminar events open to the public include:

  • Mass Incarceration Town Hall, University of Illinois/Illinois “AB” Hall, July 31, 7-9 p.m.
  • Public Rally on Mass Incarceration, Location TBD, Aug. 1, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Panelists for the Mass Incarceration Town Hall will include Bishop Sally Dyck and Chicago youth organizers Charlene Carruthers, Page May and Lissette Castillo Vizcarra. A public rally is being organized in cooperation with Chicago’s Community Renewal Society.

The National Seminar 2015 will equip and empower participants to engage as leaders for social justice by:

  • exploring the life and ministry of Jesus for practical application and concrete social action
  • building practical skills and tools to respond to current social issues visiting local organizations and learning from grassroots leaders
  • building community and connection with others
  • engaging in dynamic worship

For more information, go to Interrupting Indifference: Jesus, Justice and Joy.

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