Interfaith Worker Justice Conference June 22-24

CHICAGO — On May 15, fast-food workers took their campaign for $15 hourly wage, an end to wage theft and the right to form a union to the next level by calling a global strike in more than two dozen countries on six continents. Workers in more than 100 cities in the United States walked off the job in protest of oppressive wages and working conditions. This is the biggest day of action fast food workers have planned to date.

Interfaith Worker Justice Conference

While corporate executives hoard profits, brave fast-food workers are taking a stand against injustice and demanding their employers pay them a wage that allows them to afford the basic necessities and care for their loved ones. The movement for worker justice is growing!

The fast food industry has seen record profits. McDonald's saw $5.5 billion in profits in 2012 alone. It's simply immoral and unjust that many of its employees are forced to rely on charity and government-assistance programs just to get by.

Many faith leaders are standing by their side echoing workers' prophetic call for a fair economy.

At Interfaith Worker Justice, we're excited to welcome fast-food worker leaders to our National Conference June 22-24. Worker leaders from the campaign will share their stories of struggle and strength and together we'll exchange ideas about how to get involved in your community to transform the way we think about workers.

IWJ's 2014 National Conference will bring together religious, community, labor and business leaders, faculty and students, workers, government professional and members of the legal community to connect with one another and reclaim justice for working people.

For the first time ever, IWJ is partnering with the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE), making the June event the biggest national gathering of faith leaders and worker advocates from around the country.

Every few years, we gather as people of faith and worker advocates and imagine what a just economy could look like. At the conference, you will be inspired. Join the fast-food workers and other amazing worker leaders in the struggle for just wages and worker rights.

Join us as we plan how we can take our work and movement to the next level: Register for IWJ's National Conference.

As people of faith we're called to stand arm and arm with striking fast-food workers in solidarity. You can support these workers by signing our open letter to McDonald's: low pay and wage theft is immoral! Tell McDonald's you support the fight for $15!

Editor's note: Kim Bobo is founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ), which has been a leader in the fight for economic justice in the United States since 1996. IWJ works with partners and allies to influence the national conversation on its core issues: wage theft, jobs, paid sick days and workplace standards, and protecting the right of workers to stick together in labor unions. IWJ is the recipient of a 2014 Peace with Justice grant from the General Board of Church & Society. You can read more about that in this issue of Faith in Action at “2014 Peace with Justice Grants.”

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