Call your Senators today: Urge them to support diplomacy over war with Iran!

Iran Framework


The first moral duty of all nations is to work together to resolve by peaceful means every dispute between or among them.
(United Methodist Social Principles, ¶165C, Book of Discipline)

On April 2, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Iran announced a framework for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. In June, a final accord will be reached on an implementation plan of action.

There are strong voices against a negotiated deal with Iran. In the U.S. Senate bill S. 615 would undermine the framework by requiring a delay in implementation and blocking the lifting of sanctions on Iran if a deal is reached. It could lead to war.

Please call your Senators today with the following message:

My name is __________. I live in __________. As a person of faith I urge you to support the framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. A peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear program is in the best interest of its neighbors in the region as well as the United States and the world. I also urge Senator __________ to oppose S. 615 legislation that will undermine a negotiated agreement.

Complimentary U.S. Capitol Switchboard number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation: 1-855-686-6927

To read the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society statement on the Iran framework agreement, click "Peace came down at Eastertime: Iran nuclear agreement framework reached."

Thank you for what you do for diplomacy over war.

Editor's note: Mark Harrison directs the Peace with Justice Program at the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society.