Blessing of the “Disrupting the Cradle to Prison Pipeline” Art Station One, By Ndume Olatushani

(All who would choose are invited to move outside for a blessing of the art station)

O God, Whose Merciful Beauty
Calls to us throughout Creation
Inviting us to wonder and Love
We thank you.

Made in your image
We too bear the marks of creativity
To speak truth and power
To the world

Bless this art station and the artist Ndume Olatushani
May they
Continue to inspire us
To be creators of love in the world

Help us to remember those who are in prison
Locked up, separated, and marginalized.
Help us to break the chains of injustice
That criminalize persons of color
And keep children from living their fullest lives.

We stand with those passersby who offered these words of commitment
To break the chains of injustice by:

Helping marginalized groups
Loving, supporting don’t incarcerate
Standing up visibly and vocally for my vulnerable neighbors

All: There is no peace without justice.

Being an empowering teacher
Continuing to support children to stay in school
Helping support youth to live their dreams and stay in school

All: Education Makes Empty Jails

Mentoring a girl at risk
Visiting people in immigration detention
Having conversations with people who have different perspectives

All: I want Peace!

Educating misrepresented children
Calling my Congressperson
Loving All of God’s children

All: Truth equals freedom

You are flesh and blood, you deserve to be loved.
We all deserve to be home again.
God is with you.


This prayer was written by Dr. Jessie Smith to bless the Stations of the Cross, station which has been featured at the United Methodist Building this Lenten season. Some of the words int he prayer were written by passersby who were invited to contribute to the art piece.